John Huelskoetter

John Huelskoetter

John has been the pastor of Beth Car since 2012. He expects to continue here for a good long while.


John grew up in Illinois, where his parents and some of his siblings still reside. John met his wife Teresa while they were both in seminary in Louisiana. They’ve been together ever since, from Louisiana to Connecticut to Georgia to Alabama and finally to Virginia. They have four grown children (all of whom are perfect), but the nest is now empty except for the dog and cat. John enjoys reading; watching movies; and rooting for the (baseball) Cardinals, Saints, and Warriors.

Education and Experience

After earning a college degree in Sociology, John worked in campus ministry in Louisiana and Mississippi. When he realized he needed more training, he enrolled in seminary, where he earned his Master of Divinity and PhD degrees. Since then, John has served in both pastoral and educational ministries. He served as a full time pastor of churches in Connecticut and Virginia, as well as a part time pastor in Georgia and Alabama. He served as a college religion professor in Alabama, as well as an adjunct professor at colleges and seminaries in Louisiana, Connecticut, Georgia, Alabama, and Virginia. John has also served in short term missions in Uganda and Ecuador.

Worship Leader/Music Director
Laura Fields